Friday, July 31, 2015

Interview with Lindsey Stirling

Get to know a little more about acclaimed violinist/dancer Lindsey Stirling in this exclusive NoiseTrade One-on-One Interview where she discusses how she came up with her unique pairing of classical violin with hip-hop and electronica elements, how she started incorporating intricate choreography into her performances, and why her new live DVD Live from London is a fantastic way to experience the full scope of her artistry.

NoiseTrade: What made you first want to incorporate dance into your violin playing? Were you just curious to see if two of your passions could be incorporated together or was it something more intentional?

Lindsey Stirling: When I was preparing to go to collage I competed in a talent competition in order to win scholarship money. There were several violinist, one of which was the best in the state so I decided to fill my routine with charisma. I didn't want to just impress, I wanted to perform, I wanted to entertain. In the beginning it was extremely simple but the audience's reaction was electrifying. I'd never felt so charged and I knew that I'd stumbled upon my passion.

NT: When did you first start mixing your classical violin playing with elements of hip-hop and electronica? Do you remember what caused those first sparks of inspiration?
Stirling: I had gotten burned out on classical music. I just wasn't enjoying the violin anymore so in attempts to reinvigorate my passion, I started to play along with my favorite radio hits and I began to be excited again. After experimenting with different styles I found my sound and started writing.

NT: Is it possible to describe what is going on in your brain when you are simultaneously playing an intricate violin piece and conducting full body choreography?

Stirling: It totally depends on the moment and also how far into the tour we are. Sometimes I'm focused more on making sure my violin playing is precise, other times I'm focusing on my balance as I do a leg extension, there are moments when it am completely tuned in to looking into the eyes of my fans and connecting with the audience and sometimes my mind is just plain wandering and I suddenly am brought back to the fact that "oh my gosh focus, you're in front of 5,000 people."

NT: Do you ever feel that your recorded albums only show a portion of your artistry or are limiting in any way (being that they are only audio)? Do you feel that your new live concert DVD Live from London will help to present the full experience of what you have to offer?

Stirling: I definitely feel like my art is meant to be visual. The music is only half of the painting which is why I love live performing. I love being able to bring the music to life on stage and it's really exciting to have a live DVD that anyone can now experience.

NT: As you prepare to head out on your summer tour at the beginning of August, is there a special moment or two during the show that you are really looking forward to every night from a performance perspective?

Stirling: There are so many moments that I look forward to. There are several moments where the audience definitely gets surprised and every night I look forward to hearing the gasps and applause, and I love seeing the little kids pointing at certain elements in excitement. It makes the show new and fresh every night because I can see it for the first time through the eyes of someone else.

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