Thursday, March 5, 2015

Interview with Humming House

NoiseTrade is heading to SXSW, y'all! We're setting up shop at The Blackheart and The Swan on March 18, 20, and 21 to host an eclectic roster of 33 incredible bands on both indoor and outdoor stages. We've got a ton of free food and goodies to go along with the festivities as well. You can check out our full 3-day line-up HERE.

Ahead of their highly anticipated set at our NoiseTrade Day Party on Saturday, March 21 @ The Blackheart, we interviewed Humming House to get their perspective on SXSW.

  NoiseTrade: If this is your first SXSW, what are you looking forward to the most? If you've been before, what are you looking forward to experiencing again? 

 Justin Tam: Last year was Humming House’s first trip to SXSW and it was insane! It’s as if all the world’s indie-music makers decide to descend upon Austin in one cacophonous week. It’s both overwhelming and exhilarating. We’re really looking forward to participating in 2015, particularly because we’re releasing an album the following week on March 24th. 

NT: To those who have been to SXSW before (either playing or just attending), do you have any favorite SXSW memories? 

Tam: I had the pleasure of going to SXSW with another musical project in 2008 and managed to catch Ben Harper at Stubbs for free one evening. His record with the Blind Boys Of Alabama is one of my favorite albums, so it was incredible to get to see him for the first time at a great festival. 

NT: Are you altering your normal setlist/show in any way for the SXSW audience? 

Tam: Most definitely! Our fans span a very wide demographic and so we tend to pick original songs and covers that fit the crowd each night. All of our SXSW shows are very short, so we’ll be sticking mostly to tracks from our forthcoming album Revelries

NT: Are their any bands or panels at SXSW that you are planning to check out yourself? 

Tam: There are so many friends from Nashville and cities all over the country performing this year. We’re going to check out as many as possible! 

NT: What made you pick the song you did for our NoiseTrade SXSW sampler? 

Tam: We chose to include our new song “Carry On” on the sampler because it is the inspiration behind our album title Revelries. “Revelries” is a lyric in the second verse of the song and the narrative is about how inspiring touring experiences can be. Touring, performing live, and entertaining is a part of our job that we really love as a band. Bringing joy to the stage with which people can participate is very fulfilling. So I guess “Carry On” and in turn the album Revelries is an ode to traveling, embracing life, and cherishing the experiences we are fortunate enough to enjoy.

NT: Later this month you guys will be releasing your second studio album Revelries. What similarities and differences cans fans expect in regards to your debut album? 

Tam: This album is big step forward for us as a band. It is the first time that we were able to arrange and road test every song before hitting the studio with Mitch Dane and Vance Powell. It features Leslie Rodriguez on lead vocals on three tracks and gives a clear voice to each band member. The album is very upbeat. We tracked almost everything live to maintain the feel of our show as much as possible. We’re thrilled to be releasing it into the world this month. 

NT: With your last release being a live album titled Party!, do you guys ever feel too much pressure to always bring the high-energy sonic shenanigans whenever you play a show? 

Tam: Great question! We definitely keep the energy full-tilt whenever possible because we just love putting on an up-beat and fun set. However, when we headline an intimate club or theater we take the opportunity to play our favorite ballads and story songs that wouldn’t fit in our festival-style sets. There is a time and place for each type of song and we try to be judicious about figuring that out each night. We can’t wait for SXSW. 

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