Friday, October 26, 2012

Jack White - Live at Third Man Records (Vault Package #14)

After years spent fronting three of the most innovative bands in recent musical memory, Jack White officially launched his solo career earlier this year with the release of his eclectic solo debut Blunderbuss. He has also peppered the year with a variety of special releases and shows, including a bombastic double set, double backing band bill at Third Man Records back in March to celebrate the record store’s 3rd anniversary. The raucous show was recorded to tape and it’s currently being offered as part of TMR’s Vault Package #14, along with a 7” of Blunderbuss demos and Shark Infested Soda Fountain, a photography book from his most recent tour with The Dead Weather. October 31st is the deadline to sign up for the TMR Vault and you can find out everything you need to know (including what other goodies and perks come along with being a Vault member) HERE.

Live at Third Man Records is stunning, both audibly and visually. The first record features Jack’s nuanced set with his all-female band The Peacocks and the second record features his powerful set with his all-male band The Buzzards. Different in approach but equal in talent, both bands masterfully handle Jack’s new solo tunes, as well as a few much-loved classics from Jack’s back catalog of White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather favorites. The double disc release will be pressed on black and blue split wax and it will be housed in a snazzy lenticular gatefold cover that features two different pictures of Jack from the evening’s festivities. Which picture you see depends on how you hold the sleeve. What will they think of next?

Here’s the opening track from Live at Third Man Records, featuring Jack and The Peacocks covering “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” by The White Stripes: 

Live at Third Man Records double 12” tracklist:
Set One: The Peacocks
1. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
2. Missing Pieces
3. Sixteen Saltines
4. Love Interruption
5. Hotel Yorba
6. Top Yourself
7. Hypocritical Kiss
8. You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
9. Blue Blood Blues
10. We Are Going To Be Friends

Set Two: The Buzzards
1. My Doorbell
2. Freedom at 21
3. I Cut Like a Buffalo/ Don’t Sweat the Technique
4. You Know That I Know
5. Weep Themselves to Sleep
6. Ball & Biscuit
7. Steady As She Goes
8. Seven Nation Army
9. Goodnight Irene

Blunderbuss demos 7” tracklist:
1. Freedom at 21
2. Love Interruption
3. Hypocritical Kiss

For even more double-vision Jack White goodness, check out his cool video for "I'm Shakin'" featuring members of both backing bands:

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