Thursday, October 11, 2012

Domestikated - 5 Minutes in Timeout! (EP Review)


Do you like to listen to Descendents and Minor Threat… while you do yard work? Do you have a Bad Brains keychain… next to your Kroger Plus Card? Do the names Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee bring a smile to your face… because you named your kids and/or pets after your favorite band?

Well, if you’ve got a punk rock record collection and a mortgage, than have I got a band for you!

Domestikated is a fun, new “suburban punk” band from Ethan Luck (Relient K, Supertones, Dingees, solo work, etc.) and Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory, International Superheroes of Hardcore). They’ve just released their debut EP, 5 Minutes in Timeout!, and it’s only $2 over at their Bandcamp page. It sounds like everything there is to love about late 70s, early 80s punk bands… with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about all the fun stuff that comes along with being … ahem, “grown up.”

With song titles like “Don’t Make Me! (Turn This Car Around)” and “We’ll Talk When We Get Home” and lyrics like “Linens ‘n Things, Linens ‘n Things, Linens ‘n Things, Linens ‘n Things, pillowcases!” (“Necessity”) and “5 AM, just woke up, made breakfast, dropped off kids, mowed the lawn, took out trash, paid the bills, walked the dog” (“My Day”), you know exactly what you’re in for with this killer EP. Hayley Williams (Paramore) even shows up to help out on “What’s His Name” playing Becca, the spoiled, bratty daughter who just can’t seem to ever make it home by curfew.

Like all good hardcore punk, 5 Minutes in Timeout! is loud, fast and finishes as quickly as it starts. The 7-song EP clocks in at just a little over 6 minutes, with the shortest song (“Necessity”) being 9 seconds and the longest song (“When I Was Your Age”) stretching out all the way to one minute and 12 seconds. To put this into suburban punk economic terms, that’s only 0.554% of a penny of your hard-earned money per second of music. What a fantastic return on investment!

So head on over to Domestikated’s page and download 5 Minutes in Timeout!, while I go balance the checkbook and start another washer load of faded black band shirts.

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