Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grace and Tony - "Holy Hand Grenade" video

"She played bluegrass. He played punk..."

With an opening line straight after my own heart, I had no choice but to hear the rest of this story. Self-described punkgrass duo Grace & Tony tastefully mix together "punk, folk, bluegrass and Texas swing" to create some powerful sonic chemistry and an incredibly rich sound. While both of them possess really strong vocals on their own, the beautiful harmonies created when they sing together will definitely end up being the signature calling card of their performances. Grace & Tony's talents also extend to their instrumental abilities, proficiently writing on acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and more. They recorded their debut EP, Inside a Seven Track Mind, in 2011 and are currently in the studio recording their follow-up album, November, set for release later this year. While it's true that Tony's brother just so happens to be one half of another great musical duo (John Paul White of The Civil Wars), any shared similarities between the two begin and end at the aesthetic level. Grace & Tony are an act unto themselves, conjuring up a unique and individualized tonal space where their voices, there songs and their story are the only inhabitants. Well, them and an ever-growing rabid fan base of course. Keep your eyes and ears peeled this fall for the release of November and enjoy the three videos below while you wait!         

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