Monday, July 23, 2012

Sound City - Dave Grohl's New Documentary (w/ Teaser Trailer)

Dave Grohl's got a killer looking documentary coming out called Sound City and it's based on the wildly influential, unquestionably legendary and downright mythical recording studio that helped produced the sounds for a staggering amount of breathtaking albums. Sound City was infamous for it's sound qualities, especially in regards to drums, so it's no surprise that a drummer would be the one to want to tell it's story. Here's Dave take on why he decided to make his director/producer debut on such an important topic:

"Sound City is a film about America's greatest unsung recording studio. Deep in California's sun burnt San Fernando Valley, tucked away behind the train tracks and dilapidated warehouses, it was the birthplace of legend. It was witness to history. It was home to a special few, intent on preserving an ideal. An analog church, a time capsule. The last bastion of a craft defied by technology. It was Rock and Roll hallowed ground. And it was our best kept secret... Now I want to tell it's story. Documenting a personal journey beginning 20 years ago that culminates in a full circle musical reunion, Sound City is a film about the truth, the craft and the INTEGRITY of Rock and Roll."

If that doesn't light up the tube amps in your musical heart, I don't know what could. For more proof of the awesomeness that awaits in Sound City, here's a short little teaser trailer that features some quick but interesting thoughts from Tom Petty, Trent Reznor, Tom Fogerty, Butch Vig and Mick Fleetwood. Keep you eyes out for quick glimpses of Rick Rubin and Dave himself as well.

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