Thursday, July 5, 2012

Divine Fits - New Trailer, Artwork, Tracklist and Songs

Lots of cool new info has been trickling out from Divine Fits lately. After much anticipation, they've finally released an album name (A Thing Called Divine Fits), a release date (August 27 for Europe/UK and August 28 for Canada/US), a track list (detailed below) and some tastefully simplistic artwork (look to your left). Lots of buzz has been building around this electropop super trio and I can't wait to hear the entire album and hopefully get the opportunity to see them live. The music that has made its way out already has been really cool sounding and they've unleashed a few more snippets this week as well. You can stream the new track "Would That Not Be Nice" in full via NPR HERE and you can also check out another teaser trailer below. Don't forget, the 7" single for "My Love is Real" will be available July 31 on Merge Records.

A Thing Called Divine Fits tracklist:
1. My Love Is Real
2. Flaggin A Ride
3. What Gets You Alone
4. Would That Not Be Nice
5. The Salton Sea
6. Baby Get Worse
7. Civilian Stripes
8. For Your Heart
9. Shivers
10. Like Ice Cream
11. Neo-politans

Here's the second teaser trailer (produced by Alexa Gerrity):

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