Sunday, June 3, 2012

NEXUS Soundtrack - SOLA-MI (Derek Webb's New Project)

By now, fans of Derek Webb should be used to the unconventional twists and turns he takes in the creation, production and distribution of his music. The reasons we are used to it are because, (1) he is becoming increasingly more imaginative and innovative with them, (2) he intentionally wants to make sure things are not easily digestible or even easily accessible at times and (3) the results always, always, ALWAYS pay off in the end. By taking a look over his last few projects, one can easily see a steady distaste for the "normal" way of doing things. For example, giving away an album in exchange for a few email addresses (Mockingbird), completely revamping his approach to songwriting, musicianship and production (Stockholm Syndrome) and even creating an instrumental worship album based on The Lord's Prayer (Feedback) aren't exactly the way to maintain the musical status quo. But make no mistake about it, Derek isn't just coloring outside of the lines for the sake of being different. In fact, by choosing his own forms of crayons and lines, he has been able to start conversations, stir questions and inspire change, all while actually still creating beautiful art. With his next enthralling project's release looming on the horizon, I wanted to do my small part in helping get the word out. Especially to those who may not have sifted through all of the available info, online scavenger hunts and ridiculously in-depth pre-release shenanigans. So here's the big picture details:

Album: NEXUS (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Band: SOLA-MI (Derek Webb, Josh Moore and Latifah Phillips)

Release: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 00:01 (1 minute after midnight Monday night)
Concept: According to, it was "commissioned and inspired by Solomon Mente’s groundbreaking fictional narrative and film, NEXUS"

Intrigued? As well you should be. Derek and Josh have both proven they've got their hearts, minds and fingers on the pulse of inventive, intelligent electro-pop and Latifah Phillips' incredible voice floats and soars over the beats and loops in a comfortable, confident way. To get somewhat of an idea of what this all sounds like, here's a quick, teaser video from their website with some cool song samplings.

So that's a super quick rundown of the overall umbrella idea of the release. If you also want somewhat of an idea of what NEXUS will be and who Solomon Mente is, you can also check out this hidden video interview from the aforementioned pre-release shenanigans:

For even more background info on what's been happening over the last few months surrounding this release (including but not limited to), tweets needing to be converted to ASCII, pictures of technological advancements with embedded binary codes, images of babies, musical notes, Pinocchio and more hidden in website source coding, hidden videos, coffee shop scavenger hunts, posters with tear-off strips, etc., etc., etc., please check out the hard-working efforts of Jonathan Guenther at his blog:

Stay tuned...

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