Friday, June 29, 2012

Daytrotter Presents No.1 - The Civil Wars and The Lumineers

There’s a still a few days left to take advantage of Daytrotter’s sweet FREE vinyl membership sign-up campaign. If you sign up for (or gift) an annual membership at a cost of only $24 (that’s only $2 a month), you’ll get the first 12” record in their new Daytrotter Presents series for free! (In the spirit of full disclosure, you still have to pay for shipping.) The deadline for ordering is July 3. 

Billed as Daytrotter Presents No.1, the album will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl and hosts the amazing combination of The Civil Wars on the A side and The Lumineers on the B side. The Civil Wars’ session was recorded in August of last year and The Lumineers’ session was recorded only 2 months later. Here’s the tracklisting for both sides:

The Civil Wars (Side A)
1. Birds of a Feather
2. Disarm
3. C’est La Mort
4. Oh, Henry

The Lumineers (Side B)
1. Flowers In Your Hair
2. Ho Hey
3. The Dead Sea
4. Slow It Down

Not only do you get this killer, limited edition release (they’re only pressing as many as are pre-ordered), you get access to all of the fantastical things that Daytrotter offers on a normal everyday basis. In Daytrotter’s own words, you’ll get “Access to thousands of unique Daytrotter Sessions, unlimited HD streaming to your web browser or mobile device, free session downloads, free live streams of select sessions as they’re being taped, concert videos from Daytrotter’s favorite artists and big discounts on all merch sold in the Daytrotter Store.” Basically, that’s a ton of music from bands you already like, bands you should give a chance and bands you’ll discover you love after you hear their session! It’s a great deal for some amazing music and a super cool physical release thrown in for free.

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