Friday, June 8, 2012

"45" Video - The Gaslight Anthem

Man, if my posts on The Gaslight's Anthem's new album, track list, artwork, tour dates and 7" single for "45" hadn't tipped you off yet, I'm way beyond super excited for Handwritten to come out July 24. Well, to continue the inundation, add a cool new video for "45" to the mix. My love for music videos runs deep and while MTV ain't exactly what she used to be, there's still a ton of cool bands who still appreciate the format and continue creating within it. As most Jersey boys are prone to do (see Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Bon Jovi, etc.), Gaslight has always shown love to their home state and the video for "45" contains more than a few iconic New Jersey references. After the gorgeously gritty opening shots, The Stone Pony (one of the legendary musical meccas) becomes the backdrop for the majority of the video. Catching glimpses of the line out front, the back stage area, the roaring crowd and most importantly, Gaslight blowing up the stage, The Stone Pony was the perfect choice for such a classic, no frills, performance video where the band and their relationship with their fans can take center stage. Gaslight appears to be having a blast doing what they do so well and the fans are definitely having a good time as well. To get the right mixture of shots for the completed video, Gaslight ended up playing a 15 song set for the crowd that day, with multiple repetitions of "45" spliced between some of their other songs. This type of video is a great representation of the things that are most important to Gaslight and with a song as explosive as "45," I have a feeling that Handwritten will be full of similar sentiments.


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