Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"The Times" - MxPx (plus Plans Within Plans vinyl)

After a shredded label issue at the record pressing plant and then a snafu with the shirts, my MxPx Plans Within Plans preorder finally arrived from Jump Start Records and boy, she's a looker! With a limited production, physical medium like vinyl, it's understood that things just happen sometimes that can cause delays. As usual though, this one was worth the wait. The vinyl is on gorgeous translucent gold wax and it sounds so thick and amazing! The bass and guitars growl even more and the drums sound so heavy. An album like this really benefits from a vinyl listening and the songs sound even more tight and powerful with the added sonic punch. The pre-order was rounded out with a swanky t-shirt, a cool poster and the clincher, a killer MxPx logo slip mat. I'd have been fine with just getting the album on vinyl but the extras were definitely a sweet bonus. It's certainly one of the cooler pre-orders I've ever seen. Tip of the hat to MxPx and the guys at Jump Start on this one.

For me, one of the standout tracks on Plans Within Plans has repeatedly been "The Times." The whole song has a pretty cool Rancid feel to it, especially the bass intro and the verses. Mike's signature bass tone has always sounded amazing and his opening run on "The Times" just screams out of the speakers on vinyl. Once Tom and Yuri join in, the vibe becomes more powerful, while still maintaining the cool bounce that was set up in the intro. When I first heard the album, the opening of "The Times" became the first thing I wanted to hear once the vinyl was available. It absolutely did not disappoint! If you haven't picked up Plans Within Plans already, you are sorely missing out on one of the great punk albums of the last few years. Give it a shot and if you can, get your hands on a vinyl copy. You'll be glad you did!

"The Times" - MxPx (Plan Within Plans)

Here's a couple pics of the translucent gold vinyl and the entire pre-order haul:

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