Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New 7" single from The Gaslight Anthem - "45"

The Gaslight Anthem released the 7” vinyl single for “45” today and man, is it stellar all around. We’ve already had some time to sit and enjoy the bombastic tune since both Rolling Stone and Zane Lowe debuted it at the end of April, but it honestly sounds even more amazing on vinyl. “45” is vintage Gaslight and the all out hugeness of the chorus continues to show Brian’s growth as a bona fide rock & roll songwriter. “45” has whet my appetite even more for Handwritten (out July 24 on Mercury) and I can’t wait until it releases. Not only is the song itself pretty incredible, the packaging for “45” is pretty freaking sweet as well. The front cover has the cool “faces in the broken record” artwork and they went old school on the back by printing all the lyrics for “45” on it. The actual record is classic black wax with the larger jukebox style center hole and the label sticker matches the color scheme of the front artwork. Like I said, classy all around.    

As for the B-side, Gaslight cut a killer cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “You Got Lucky” and it’s quite the rockin’ tip of the hat. Opting for a pretty straight ahead take on it, Brian and the boys turned in an excellent version that paid homage to the original, while still sprinkling in enough of themselves to make it special. The stabbing piano, synthesizer lines and wobbly guitar solo are all their from The Heartbreakers version, but Brian’s intense vocals, Benny’s spectacular drum tone, Alex’s tasty keys and Alex’s smooth bass lines perfectly stamp this as a Gaslight performance. If you listen closely enough, it even sounds like Brian takes on some of Tom’s “Pettyisms” every once in a while, especially in the line “You better watch what you do to me.” It’s totally to be expected for a song this deeply imprinted on the musical collective consciousness though. I’ve heard Gaslight cover Tom before when they played a stirring cover of “Refugee” at Mercy Lounge back in 2009, so it’s really cool to have another Heartbreaker tune in the vault to go along with it. Sonically, visually and thematically, the “45” single is a beautiful piece of wax.

Not to get all “awards acceptance speech” on here, but thanks to Grimey’s for having it in stock and thanks to my awesome girl Amanda for going to pick it up for me while I was stuck at work. Sorry fellas, she’s taken for life!

"45" - The Gaslight Anthem ("45" single)

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