Friday, May 18, 2012

The Features - Still Lost, Volume 1

(Here's another one of my most recent NoiseTrade posts.)

With a major label re-release looming on the horizon (Wilderness will be out June 5 on Serpents and Snakes/BMG), spirited rock 'n' rollers The Features have put together a killer compilation of “demos, outtakes and alternate versions” of some of their previous work for Still Lost, Volume 1. Mixing together a variety of influences with their own signature sound and energy, The Features write music that’s meant to accompany (or encourage) an all out party. You’ll find no ballads or slow dances on Still Lost, Volume 1. Instead, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of energetic, unpolished, melodic rock songs played at a feverish clip. As each song blasts out of your speakers, you’ll find yourself dancing along to the frenzied drums, fantastic bass lines and razor-sharp guitars that bubble underneath the awesome sing/shout vocals. With a handful of EPs and full lengths already under their belt, The Features have certainly shaped a unique sound for themselves. However, it’s still really fun to listen through the tracks and find the crumbs of inspiration they’ve littered throughout. For example, “Kari-Anne” sounds like one of the best songs The Cars never released, “Exorcising Demons” conjures up dreams of what a fleshed out, full band White Stripes might sound like and “I Will Wander” has a sassy Franz Ferdinand pulse to it. With an escalating musical buzz, soundtrack appearances and even a Ford Mustang commercial, chances are you’ve heard The Features somewhere. But if not, Still Lost, Volume 1 is a great place to get in on a good thing!

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