Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gasoline Heart - "Everything Matters"

(Another post of mine via your friendly, neighborhood Noisetrade.)

About a year ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Louis DeFabrizio (frontman for Gasoline Heart) open for Mike Herrera’s (MxPx) solo tour and I was really impressed with his rock/alt-country flavored songs. In high school, I was a pretty big fan of Louis’ band Dear Ephesus and after seeing him live so many years later, I was struck again by his new direction and the beautifully ragged tone of his voice. Gasoline Heart has a new album, Thanks for Everything, coming out June 1 and they’re putting up their amazing first single, “Everything Matters,” here on NoiseTrade. Meeting somewhere at the intersection of Pedro the Lion and Tom Petty, “Everything Matters” rocks along on restrained chugging verses and huge harmony-fueled choruses. When I first got my hands on it, I listened to it about 10 times in a row in an uninterrupted stupor of enjoyment. Gasoline Heart self-describes as “sloppy rock & roll” and I whole-heartedly agree as I love the gritty guitars and bombastic drumming pulsing through “Everything Matters.” No slouches themselves, the bass and piano are incredibly tasty as well. We’ve still got a little time to wait before Thanks for Everything comes out, but thankfully “Everything Matters” sounds good enough to tide us over until then.

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