Monday, April 30, 2012

"45" - The Gaslight Anthem

New Jersey's soul punk pride The Gaslight Anthem recently finished recording their new album, Handwritten, here in Nashville and today they've just released "45," the gorgeously fierce first single via Rolling Stone. Firing on all cylinders and going for broke, The Gaslight Anthem come out with all guns blazing on "45" and the results are nothing short of straight up musical magic. All of Gaslight's signatures are present and accounted for in the double barrel guitarsenal, wide open vocals, pounding drum and bass lines, relational lyrics, hooky melodics riffs and invitational choruses. Brian Fallon's ever present slice-of-Americana steeped songwriting skills are on display in "45" as well, as the call to leave a bad relationship is expressed through automotive imagery and the analogy of a 45 rpm 7" vinyl record. Some bands unsuccessfully try to use car and musicology terms and the results end up sounding awkward and forced. Luckily, this has never been the case with Gaslight, proving their ability to write in the most down to earth and real world terms, without ever sounding like they're trying to be anything other then themselves. With "45," The Gaslight Anthem continue to make their unique impression in the grand rock and roll tradition and I can imagine that the full album will hold many more of those same magical moments. As if I wasn't looking forward to Handwritten enough already, "45" just upped the ante. 

Handwritten will be released on July 24th and "45" will be available for purchase on May 8th.

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