Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Closer" - Mindy Smith

While richly talented singer-songwriter Mindy Smith preps her self-titled fifth album for a June 26 release, she's putting out her first single "Closer" to an eagerly awaiting audience. With a sound more akin to her earlier albums, "Closer" seems to hearken back to her initial successes, while still allowing her to move forward as a creative artist and a mature songwriter. Mindy describes "Closer" by saying, "Personally this song paints a picture of how I see my musical career and that I see NOW is my moment." With such a fresh and energetic outlook, I'm really looking forward to hearing what she's got in store for the rest of the album. With four great records under her belt already, "Closer" shows that Mindy is continuing to build a prolific and much-deserved catalogue of emotionally rich songs and organically textured performances. Take a listen to "Closer" in its entirety below.

As an additional bonus, here's the tracklist to
Mindy Smith, out June 26:
1. Closer
2. Take Me Back
3. Pretending The Stars
4. Don’t Mind Me
5. Tin Can
6. Everything Here Will Be Fine
7. Sober
8. Devil’s Inside
9. Cure For Love
10. When You’re Waking On My Grave
11. If I

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