Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Behold The Hurricane" (Video) - The Horrible Crowes

I get so jazzed when a band I love shoots a cool music video! WIth MTV being barely a shell of what it once was, it's nice to see bands who still understand the power of quality visuals to go along with the stellar music. The Horrible Crowes recently shot a video for "Behold The Hurricane" with Corin Hardy and it is heartbreakingly gorgeous. I love the way the desperation, fight and inner turmoil are conveyed so well without any need for dialogue or subtext. Everyone's had struggles they've had to fight with and hopefully overcome, regardless of whether or not it's the exact one portrayed in the video. The human condition is one of constant battling between what's easy and what's right and rarely, if ever, are they the same thing. I think this video captures that conflict perfectly. With such a stunning video right out of the gate, here's hoping The Horrible Crowes will make a few more!

Also, here's a pic of my blood red version of Elsie. It's an appropriate color choice due to the life and death themes that pump through the album. The deep red is translucent and there's subtle black wisps blended throughout it. Vinyl provides the best sonic atmosphere for these songs and the results will bring a smile to your broken heart. It's a fantastic looking (and sounding) piece of wax! Kudos to The Horrible Crowes and Side One Dummy Records for putting out a spectacular album and for nailing the vibe all the way down to the packaging.

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