Friday, July 15, 2011

"Old Haunts" - The Gaslight Anthem

If you’re into show posters at all, you’ve got to acquaint yourself with El Jefe Design. I’ve got a couple of El Jefe’s works up in my music room and each one is gorgeously drawn with high quality craftsmanship. Recently, El Jefe created a new poster for Side One Dummy Records’ “Artist on Artist” series for The Gaslight Anthem. Inspired by the song “Old Haunts” from Gaslight’s American Slang album, the poster is a red and black silk-screened gem. It’s an awesome deal and it’s limited to only 300 prints, so you better pick one up quick! The artwork looks really incredible and includes the following lyric:

Oh cherry bomb, you are a mystery. Exploding sparkling, quiet nights. My teenage heart pumped all my misery, baby, to fingertips that might ignite."

You can order this beautiful poster from Side One Dummy HERE.

You can check out (and order) some of El Jefe’s other impressive posters HERE.

"Old Haunts" - The Gaslight Anthem (American Slang)

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