Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Into The White" - Pixies

Tucked away on the B-side of the “Here Comes Your Man” 7” single is one of my all-time favorite Pixies songs. With its pounding drums, abrasive guitar work, wobbly acoustic and thumping bass, “Into the White” is sheer Pixies’ perfection. Bassist and sometimes vocalist Kim Deal takes the lead on this one and her smooth delivery offers a soothing contrast to the agitated musical bed. I’m assuming that its similarities to “Wave of Mutilation” kept this gem off of Doolittle, but the song is really great. In fact, playing both of those songs back to back really shows the power and dynamics that are inherent in all of their songs. That’s always a sign of a good band when the B-sides and outtakes are just as strong as the ones that make it onto the album. I got to hear “Into the White” live when I saw them play The Ryman last fall and it was gloriously electrifying and easily in the top three fantastic moments of the show. It just goes to show you that sometimes B-sides are throwaway jams and sometimes they can turn out to be some of the band’s best work.

"Into The White" - Pixies ("Here Comes Your Man" 7" single)

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