Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Black Betty & The Moon" (preview) - The Horrible Crowes

It takes something pretty awesome to break the radio silence of my school-imposed blog sabbatical and this definitely qualifies. I’ve been pretty transparent about my unabashed love for Brian Fallon’s work in The Gaslight Anthem and currently he’s got a side project that I’m ridiculously excited about. He started up The Horrible Crowes with Ian Perkins, one of Gaslight’s guitar techs, and they’ve got an album, Elsie, scheduled for a September 6th release on Side One Dummy Records. Self described as “night time music” and a “for me record,” Brian’s creativity and prolificacy has him stretching beyond the Gaslight realm into darker, broodier material. I seriously can’t wait to hear what he’s got cooking up. Always the literary, Brian got the name The Horrible Crowes from an old poem called Twa Corbies and he’s used a Dylan Thomas line to describe them as well, “If you heard those old birds in the night, you’d wake me up and say there were horses in the trees.” He’s chronicled a little of their time in the studio on his personal blog and the stories and the pictures have this stacking up to be well worth the wait. Guitars, piano, drums, strings, accordians, trumpets, loops and programming? Color me impressed. And if you’re worried about Brian going a little too soft, this picture should clear that up for you…

I’ve already gotten into a few cool conversations about my Horrible Crowes shirt (you can order one from Gaslight’s merch store HERE) and hope to get some more folks anxiously awaiting the release of Elsie on September 6th. You can keep up with The Horrible Crowes at the following:
The Horrible Crowes’ blog:
The Horrible Crowes’ twitter:
Brian’s personal blog:
Side One Dummy’s artist page:

To tide us all over, here’s a short preview of “Black Betty & The Moon” from

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