Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thad Cockrell - "Rosalyn" (Video from SerialBox Presents)

I’m a sucker for any new musical endeavors that are done in a really cool way, so the guys over at SerialBox Presents have hooked me already. Here’s how they describe what they do:

“The project aims to create "music videos" that occupy a unique space. They are multi-cam, multi-track, live, one-take performance videos. Shot entirely with 5Dmk2s with audio tracked into ProTools, there are no overdubs, no cut-ins, and no pick-ups. What you see and hear is one time through the song, in its entirety. We capture a single performance and preserve that moment time.”

By offering this one-of-a-kind, singular performance, artists can filter their songs in new and different ways and give their fans a unique experience from their albums and live shows. Recently they did a session with Thad Cockrell, one of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters, and the results are outstanding. Beautiful songs, extraordinary arrangements and gorgeously shot video all combine to create something really fascinating and really special. Accompanied by two musicians who he’d only met hours before, Thad wove his otherworldy voice through remarkable versions of “Pride (Won’t Get Us Where We’re Going),” “Rosalyn,” “Beauty Has A Name” and “The Master’s Calling.” The digital files can be purchased for $3, which is a steal for such a stunning piece of music. On their website, there’s also a video for “Rosalyn” and a great interview with Thad as well. My favorite exchange from the interview is when Thad was asked “what is it about your favorite music, your favorite songs, that you connect with so deeply? Why is your favorite music your favorite music?” He responded with “Why is my favorite music my favorite music? Well, if you were to ask the writers of those songs if they wrote them, I think they'd say no. You can always tell. Even in pop songs. There are some killer pop songs out there that I'll hear and think, you didn't write that. Nobody is that clever, no way it just came to them. Sure, they might take credit for it and then try the rest of their lives to be that clever again. But they get pissed off and bitter because they tried and nobody likes it because it isn't that pure thing from outside themselves. My favorite music has that thread...that sense that they didn't write it."

SerialBox Presents: Thad Cockrell can be purchased and immediately downloaded HERE.

SerialBox Presents: THAD COCKRELL from The Serial Box on Vimeo.

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  1. thanks for such a kind review of our serialbox project... glad that it's connecting with some people.