Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iron & Wine - Daytrotter Session

In anticipation of Iron & Wine's new album, Kiss Each Other Clean, coming out next Tuesday, Sam Beam dropped by the Daytrotter studio and played a gorgeous, stripped down set of some of his new songs. While his hushed vocals and gently fingerpicked guitar playing demands an intentional focus from the listener, he has always rewarded it with beautiful melodies and lyrics full of interesting characters and lush imagery. For this session, Sam debuted three new songs from Kiss Each Other Clean; "Tree By The River," Godless Brother In Love" and "Glad Man Singing." He also threw in "Naked As We Came" from his 2004 album Endless Numbered Days. As a special surprise, singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas joined him on background vocals. It takes a special talent to have a song sound as uniquely rich as Sam's do with just a voice and a guitar. His ability to wrap every note in such warmth and combine them all with such emotion causes each song to easily float in and take hold of you before you're exactly aware of what's going on. Quietly delivered and refreshingly uncluttered, these songs will help you pause and catch your breath. The session can be downloaded for free on Daytrotter's website here and you can also view a cool video they shot of the whole thing. Here's a short snippet featuring "Tree By The River":

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  1. Here's a real-time-soundtrack tid bit ...
    Iron & Wine will be performing live at Amoeba Music Hollywood on Monday, January 24th at 7PM PST in celebration of Kiss Each Other Clean. This show will also be streamed live at: http://bit.ly/gchV6Y for those who can’t be there!

    Fans can pre-purchase the new album starting at 5pm on 1/24 and receive a limited-edition Iron & Wine “Live at Amoeba” poster (while they last). Signing after the performance is limited to the first 100 purchasers.

    Oh and let me not forget to mention a free Iron & Wine MP3 here: http://bit.ly/eUQEnr