Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Nightjogger" - Those Darlins

A band releasing a single to tide fans over between full length albums; what is this, the 70’s? In conjunction with Oh Wow Dang Records and the folks at Record Store Day, local Murfreesboro, Tennessee favorites Those Darlins have put out a 7” single entitled “Nightjogger.” In keeping with their spunky attitudes and lo-fi southern garage rock approach, “Nightjogger” is a short and sweet minor-key opus to…well, jogging at night. Seriously, no metaphors or pretenses here. Shorts on, hair pulled back, headband, Walkman; the checklist is right there in the first verse. “Nightjogger” has a really cool groove to it and they somehow pull off the phrase “feel the burn” in the bridge without it sounding like a cheesy 80's work out video. That takes some talent and moxie folks! So jog on down to your local independent record store, pick it up and don’t forget to breathe!

"Nightjogger" - Those Darlins (Nightjogger single)

I don't think it'll fit in your Walkman, but it's still pretty to look at:

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