Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Blue Blood Blues" - The Dead Weather

Always ones for keeping us on our toes, about an hour and a half before Third Man Records opened shop for the day, they announced that the 7” vinyl single for “Blue Blood Blues” was going to be available today. There’s a term in the corporate world called “extended lunch” and today was one of those days. The tri-color vinyl is as gorgeous as always and the sleeve is a double fold, allowing you to choose which back label you would like. I’m showcasing the “Jack with blowtorch” but if the “Alison with microphone” floats your boat, to each his own. The b-side is a smoking live version of “Jawbreaker” recorded at The Wiltern in LA.

"Blue Blood Blues" - The Dead Weather (Sea of Cowards)

As always, 100 of the tri-color 45s were sold at the store today and 50 of these bad boys will be randomly inserted into online orders. You can go HERE to order one and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones! Even if you just get the regular black vinyl, it's still a great song with a cool b-side and the double label thing is pretty cool too. It's only $5 bucks to order on online so it's a win-win. Awesome song, awesome price, what are you waiting for?

The other big announcement was a new offering from Third Man called the Triple Decker Record that is going on sale this Friday. It’s described as “a unique 7” version of the single embedded inside a 12” version.” That’s right, you get a 12” single of “Blue Blood Blues” with an alternate b-side with a 7” single of “Blue Blood Blues” (with a secret, unreleased song on the b-side) housed inside. Pick up your jaw and just watch the video, it’ll make more sense.

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