Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"I'm Alright" - Agent Ribbons

A lot of creative bands like to be described using terms like “out of the box,” “multi-genre,” “beyond labels” or even “undefinable.” While most of them don’t exactly earn such diverse adjectives, Agent Ribbons comes by it honestly. Starting out in Sacramento, CA and recently locating to Austin, TX, Agent Ribbons has created a fun melting pot of retro grooves, impressive instrumentation, girl group harmonies and engaging songwriting. They demand your attention, refuse to follow a formula and take a left turn every time you think you’ve got them pegged. If their quirky and expansive musical repertoire weren’t enough to prove that point, they even drew some lyrical inspiration from the Grey Gardens story for their next release, Chateau Crone.

The first single from Chateau Crone, “I’m Alright,” mixes garage rock rhythms, fuzzed out guitars, hand claps, tambourines, Crystals-esque background vocals and generous helpings of reverb and echo. This song is bright, breezy, and so catchy that it’s hard to listen to without at least a finger or toe tapping along.

Chateau Crone will be released on Antenna Farm Records on October 12th.

"I'm Alright" - Agent Ribbons (Chateau Crone)

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